Calendar Event Detail

From the View Client Screen, Click on Calendar on the Top Menu.  Then click on My Calendar.  Then click on the Icon_VewList icon next to the event description.


The event details let you quickly view an event, make notes, or complete an event.

Click to Expand or Collapse
Calendar Event Details

Editing Or Deleting This Event Icon_Edit Icon_Delete

Click on the appropriate icon in the blue bar next to the type of event.  You must have rights to delete calendar events.

Adding A New Event

Clicking the Icon_Plus icon will add a new event.  The current event will not be changed.

Completing An Event

Click on "Click to Complete" shaded next to the event status to complete the event.

Editing A Calendar Note

To Edit (or add) the calendar note, click on "Edit Note" shaded in the Note Area.

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When entering an organization's name, if it is a joint account, enter the last name first, such as Smith, John and Jane.  This makes it much easier to locate by last name.