Coverage Details

From the Policy Details Screen, click on any coverage in the list.


This screen shows you the details of the coverage at the top and lets you drill down on Riders and New Business Actions at the bottom.

Click to Expand or Collapse
Coverage Details With Riders & New Biz


Coverage Riders

The list of riders is shown under the coverage details.  You can click anywhere on the line to see more detail on the rider.

New Business Actions

The number of New Business Actions are shown in the accordion bar at the bottom.  If there are new business actions, you can click on the bar to expand it.  From there, you can drill down on any one action to see the details and notes.

Relationships For This Coverage

The Relationships accordion bar lists the number of relationships on the policy.  This can included insureds, owners, links to Group With's, Payor, and beneficiaries.

By clicking one of the names, you can navigate to that name to see details involved with the contact record.

See Also


The New Business feature lets you see details of what may be pending on the policy while it is in underwriting or the underwriting history in the event a new policy or coverage is being considered.