From the View Contact Screen, click on the Button_Markets Button or the Markets Bar to see a list of notes.

Markets Overview

Markets and Areas of Interest allow you to group the contacts in your database into different categories. It can be used to help you create very targeted marketing campaigns, or to keep in touch with your clients and prospects by tracking their hobbies and interests and then being able to pull a list of contacts with the same interests.

Markets/Areas of Interest can be used for tracking:

Markets - products a contact may be interested in like a ROTH IRA or Universal Life Insurance.
Areas of Interest - add codes for hobbies, clubs, or other demographics you’d like to track. Some Areas of Interest could be golf, Rotary Club member, gardener, or track favorite sports teams for tickets to games.
Mailings – flag names for newsletters, holiday cards or gifts, etc.
Ad campaigns – add markets for the different ads you’re running, and track how well the ads are performing.
Producers - products the producer specializes in.
Associate Producers with Brokers.

Each contact in your database can have an unlimited number of Markets added to their record.