How To Use This Help

HelpActionButton About the Advisors Assistant Help

Help is available on every screen within Advisors Assistant by clicking on the Help Action Button (HelpActionButton), located in the middle of the main View Screens or the bottom right of the edit screens. The Help is designed to help you learn how to use Advisors Assistant, and many of the Help Topics have Tutorial Videos to show you about the screen you're using.

When you see a word(s) underlined, you can click on that word(s) for additional information about that word(s).

If your software subscription is current, you can always contact Advisors Assistant Support at (800) 643-4488 or to get answers to any questions you have about Advisors Assistant.

When you open the Advisors Assistant Help from any screen, it will take you to the Help Topic that is for the screen you currently have open. If you wish to keep the Help open while working in Advisors Assistant, you will need to minimize the Help Screen.

Help Table of Contents

To the left of the Help Topic is the Table of Contents for the entire Advisors Assistant Help. Each "Book" is like a chapter in a manual. You can double-click on any "Book" to open that chapter of help and then single click on any Help Topic to view that Topic.

Help Index

You can click on the Index Tab to enter a keyword to find topics with that keyword. Then double-click on the topic name to open that Help Topic.

Help Search

You can click on the Search Tab to enter a phrase and search through the help for topics that match that phrase. Click the List Topics Button to see a list of all topics that contain the words in the phrase, or Display to see the words highlighted in the topic you select. You also have some options at the bottom of the screen to "Search Previous Results," "Match Similar Words," or Search Titles Only."

Help Favorites

You can click on the Favorites Tab and add topics to your Favorites list.

Printing Help

You can print the current topic you have open by clicking on the Print Button at the top of the Help Screen.

You can also print an entire Topic by highlighting the Topic Heading (with the book icon next to it) and right-clicking. Then select the Print option, and choose "Print the selected heading and all subtopics."

movie_run  How to play the Advisors Assistant Help Tutorials

Many of the Help Topics have Help Tutorial Videos that can be played to show you about the screen you're using. When you see the movie icon (movie_run) you can click on the icon or click on the tutorial name next to it.

The Help Tutorials are saved in a Windows Media Video file (.wmv) and can be run using the free Windows Media Player or RealPlayer.

If you try to run a Tutorial and the picture is not clear, you should update to the latest version of your Media Player. Older versions of the Media Player do not play the videos well.

To Update Windows Media Player, from the Windows Media Player Help Menu select "Check for Media Player Updates" and Windows Media Player will automatically download the latest version.