From the View Contact Screen, click on the Icon_Plus Icon next to the primary email address. You can also add a new phone number from the Email List.


To add a new Email Address, use the Icon_Plus Icon from the Main Screen to add a new Email Address. Or use the Add Button or Icon_Plus Icon on the Email List Screen.

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Add New Email on a typical browser


This would be the part of the address that comes after the word "Dear."  It is usually the nickname.

Job Title

The person's position if you are storing business information.


The contact's full name.  Often this is different than the contact's name if you are storing an Organization's email contacts or the spouse's email address in with the client's.


The name of the business if this is a business email adddress.

Email Address

This is the only required field.  Some email address formatting is checked.


An open field for you to store any information you desire.

Do Not Archive

Checking this box will cause Outlook and Exchange to not archive the email and the category will turn gray in Outlook and Exchange.

Primary Email

If this is the primary email address, check the box.  If you are entering the first email address, and save the record, the box will get checked.  Adding subsequent email addresses and checking the box on a subsequent address will uncheck any other email, so that there is only one primary address.

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You can only have one primary email address.  You cannot uncheck a primary address, but you can change the primary address by checking another address as primary.