From the View Contact Screen, click on the Button_Notes Button or the Notes Bar to see a list of notes.

Notes Overview

With Advisors Assistant, you have the ability to track an unlimited number of notes for every contact in your database. You can also organize your notes into different Note Topics, which is especially helpful for compliance if you're selling securities and insurance products and need to keep your notes separate. You determine the name of each Note Topic you add to Advisors Assistant, so you can customize your notes and they make sense to you. Then within each Note Topic you can have an unlimited number of Note Entries.

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View Client Screen with Notes highlighted

Phone Log Notes

When you make a phone call, you can create phone log notes.  If your device supports voice recognition, you can dictate your notes directly into Advisors Assistant Mobile.

Email Archive Notes

If you are using the email archive feature with Outlook, Exchange, or Office 365 Exchange Online, you can archive emails into notes which cannot be deleted or edited.

The email archiving is not meant to meet SEC requirements since EVERY EMAIL is not archived.  Only emails senders and receivers that have an email address in the Advisors Assistant Mobile database are archived.

Email archives can be searched using the Desktop Application.

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