Listing Note Topics

Click on the Notes Button on the View Client Screen.  Or, you can click on the Notes Bar on the View Client Screen.

Topic Overview

With Advisors Assistant, you have the ability to track an unlimited number of notes for every contact in your database. You can also organize your notes into different Note Topics, which is especially helpful for compliance if you're selling securities and insurance products, and need to keep your notes separate. You determine the name of each Note Topic you add to Advisors Assistant, so you can customize your notes and they make sense to you. Then within each Note Topic you can have an unlimited number of Note Entries.

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List of Note Topics

System Created Topics

Advisors Assistant will create certain standard topics.  These are:

Phone Logs is created when you save the first phone log.
Letter Logs when you save the first letter log.
Email Archive when you receive the first email from the contact or send the first email to a contact with Email Archiving turned on.

Standard or Free Form

You can standardize your note topics or use a freeform approach. To use a freeform topic, just type the topic into the box. However, you cannot add to the drop down lists from Advisors Assistant Mobile.

The drop down list is created and maintained by the System Administrator by clicking on Admin | Maintain Abbreviations | Note Default Topic in the Desktop Version.

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Using the drop down lists lets you keep topics to a minimum.