Viewing A List Of Accounts

Expand the Accordion Investment Accounts Bar by clicking on it or click the Investments Button from the View Client Screen


If you use the optional Investments Module in Advisors Assistant, you can monitor your clients' investment accounts.

The downloading and data entry for Investments is done on the desktop version of Advisors Assistant.

Using The Investments Button

Using the Investments Button from the Client Main Screen will produce a more detailed summary than expanding the Accordion Bar.

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Investment Account Listing on a Typical Tablet
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Investment Account Listing On Apple 6 Phone

Using The Accordion Bar

Clicking on the Accordion Bar provides a quick summary of the accounts and values.

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Investment Accordion Bar Expanded on 10 Inch Tablet

For a summary with more information, click on the Investments Button Button_Investments or click on the account in the listing on the expanded bar.

Account Summary

The Summary of each account is shown on the screens above.

Account Details

Click on the Icon_VewList icon to drill down into Account Details.

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Investment Data Entry is done in the full Advisors Assistant.

Account Numbers default to being Masked and showing only the last few characters so you can identify the account.  System Administrators can set the system to show all of the policy and account numbers on the AAMobile Tab of the System Preferences in the main Advisors Assistant application.