G Suite aka Google Apps

Overview of Google Apps / Google At Work / G Suite

Google Apps goes by different names.  Some call it Google At Work.  Others call it Google Corporate.  The name was changed in October, 2016 to G Suite!  We will transition to that name..

Google Sync in Advisors Assistant only works with G Suite.  If you have not signed up with G Suite, you can't Sync with Google.  This is not our choice.  Google only authorizes their API's to G Suite users.

If you have a G Suite Account, you can then authorize Advisors Assistant to use the Google APIs (Application Programmer Interfaces) to enable Advisors Assistant to do the following with Google:

Archive Gmail sent to or received from any email address stored in Advisors Assistant.

Sync Google Contacts with Advisors Assistant Contacts (both directions).

Sync Google Tasks and Appointments with Advisors Assistant Tasks and Appointments (both ways.)

Complete Advisors Assistant workflow tasks in Google and have the workflow event automatically completed in Advisors Assistant.

Complete workflow events in Advisors Assistant and have that task completed and removed from Google.

What Is G Suite

Google Corporate, aka G Suite, is the Google that you pay for.  Costs typically begin at $5 per user per month.

Google DOES NOT make their API available for the free Gmail and Calendar.

Should I Use G Suite?

You may want to use G Suite if:

You have 2 or more people using email and calendar in your company.

You have mobile calendar needs that AAMobile cannot meet.

You are able to set up your G Suite accounts.  (There is not lots of help available and we've found that email replies take over a month.)

You like Google.

Free Trial

Because of our Google Integration, we have a link that will let you set up a free trial.

Click on https://goo.gl/11RzxJ and fill in the form to learn more and set up a free trial.  Once you have signed up for G Suite, you can then set it up with Advisors Assistant.


Setting Up G Suite With Advisors Assistant

After you have set up your Google account and your Google mailboxes, you are ready to hook up G Suite to Advisors Assistant.

The Advisors Assistant side of this is quite easy, but the Google side involves lots of clicks and navigation.

The setup involves the following general steps:

a.Log into the Google Developer Site.  You must be an Admin for the Google Work.

b.Create a Google project if you don't already have one. (You will usually have one because you needed one to set up your mail boxes; however, you must be the project owner to be able to open that project.

c.Enable the 4 Google API's (Application Programmer Interface) used by Advisors Assistant to talk to Google.

d.Create a Client ID

e.Download a JSON file that contains the Credentials that Advisors Assistant will import so you don't have to enter a very long string of characters.

f.Import the JSON file to Advisors Assistant System Preferences, Sync Options Tab.

g.Use the User Preferences, Sync Options Tab to authorize Google for the user's Gmail Address.

For detailed step by step on doing the setup, please click HERE.

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