Message Archive

Click on the View Archive Button from the Messenger Screen.

MessageViewArchive  Message Archive Overview

When you "Archive" a message from the main Messenger Screen, it moves the message into the Message Archive.

To open the Message Archive click on the View Archive Button from the Messenger Screen.


You will see a list of the messages that have been archived. You can select if you wish to see the history of Sent messages or Received messages by clicking on each icon.

To delete a message from your archive, and remove it from the database entirely, click the Remove Button.

Click the Exit Button to return to the main Messenger Screen.

Sent Messages Archive

Messages sent and replies are automatically archived.

Received Messages Archive

Messages received must be put into the archive by the user.  This is because they will stay on the main message screen when still in use.  The user will know when the thread is closed.  You should archive them when your screen has old messages.

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