Vonage Business (Vocalocity)

Click Dial from any View Screen.  Then click on the Vocalocity Button.

If you don't have any user preferences filled in for your Vonage Business System or don't have a Vonage VOIP Phone System, you will get to this help topic when clicking on the Vonage Dialer button.

We use VOIP ourselves.  We use Vocalocity and we have developed a phone dialer with them that dials any number in Advisors Assistant.  You can just use the Dial Button in Advisors Assistant, highlight the the number to dial, and click on the Vocalocity Button.

Note: Vonage Business Systems has recently purchased Vocalocity.  We will be changing labels, etc. in the program.

Of course, you need to be a Vocalocity subscriber..

Vocalocity Now Vonage Business Systems

We have found the service excellent and like the following features.

Other than the phone itself, there is no phone equipment in our office.

The sound quality is great.

If the Internet goes down, you still get your voice mail because the equipment is in Atlanta.

Go through our business unit sales person and get discounts over their published web prices.

Designed for small and medium businesses.

All the features used by small and medium businesses are available (faxing, call recording, etc.)

Very inexpensive phones.  If you already have VOIP, your phones may already work.

No contract commitment.  Month to Month!

Includes long distance, etc. in one price.

Highly rated by users.

Great technical support.

Advisors Assistant dials the phone through their system.

For more information, please call Jocelyn Weidner at 206-478-3865 . Jocelyn is with Innovative Business Solutions, one of the 4 companies nationwide who represent Vonage Business and specialize in setting up small and medium businesses.

We have not tested other systems, but if your vendor has a dialer and it works with Advisors Assistant please let us know.

Setting Up Vonage Business Systems

Once your phones are all working on the Vonage Business Systems system, and you have a log in to their dashboard, (Each user has their own login for their extension.) you enter your Vocalocity User ID and Password in User Preferences | Other Passwords Tab.  Click File | User Preferences and then use the right arrow next to the tabs to scroll over to Other Passwords.

The User ID and Password you use for the Vonage Business Systems Dashboard is the same one you enter for dialing the phone.  It must match the login information on their web site for your extension.

Be sure your extension is set up and associated with your name and login credentials on your Vonage Dashboard.  If your login is not associated with your extension, the system does not know who to ring back.

Note: The Dialer rings back to your phone's extension.  It will ring back to the extension associated with your Vonage Business Systems extension and login.  If you have a laptop and move to another desk, it will ring YOUR extension, not the closest extension.  When you pick up the phone on the ring back, you will hear a voice tell you it is dialing for you.

Technical Support

If your credentials work on the Vonage Business Systems Dashboard and the Vonage Business Systems Button does not dial, start by calling Advisors Assistant tech support.  We will make sure you are set up correctly and make sure the web service is working by trying it from here.

When the dial function contacts the Vonage Business Systems Server, if something is wrong the server will return an error message which will be displayed.

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Be sure you have Vonage Business Systems's setup team test the settings on your firewall and router. Because we had many phones, we kept our old PBX phone system hooked up for a few days while we tested the Vonage Business Systems system with temporary numbers.  We made outbound calls on Vonage Business Systems and inbound calls came into the old system.  Then we had them port the regular phone numbers over to their system. Suddenly, the new phones just started to ring.  Since then, we have never looked back.