Adding A New Market

Click on the Markets Button on the View Contact Screen.  Or, you can click on the Markets Accordion Bar on the View Contact Screen.  Then click on Details at the bottom of the list of Markets and use the Add Button to add a new Market.


Markets are added from a drop down list of Markets.  Items are added to the list using the Desktop Application as long as you have the security rights.

First go to the list of markets by clicking on the Button_Markets Button.

Click to Expand or Collapse
List of Markets

Then, click on the Add Market Button.

Click to Expand or Collapse
Adding A New Market


This is the Market or Area of Interest to be added to this name.  You can choose from any of the markets added to the list that appears when you click on the drop down arrow.


Likes to Play Golf

Interested in Retirement Plans

Universal Life Prospect

Follow-Up Date

You can specify a Date for which you would like to Follow-Up with this person regarding their Market/Area of Interest.  This will automatically create a Task in your Calendar to remind you of this Follow-Up. Once you select the date the Follow-Up is added to your calendar. If you wish to assign this Follow-up to another person in the office, or edit the Task, click the Edit Follow-up Button under the Follow-Up Date.

See Also


If you do seminar marketing, you can also use Markets to indicate which seminar a contact first attended.