Adding New Note Topics

Click on the Notes Button on the View Client Screen.  Or, you can click on the Notes Bar on the View Client Screen. Then click on the Icon_Plus next to the Note Topics Screen Title.


When you're adding a topic, you can choose from a drop down list of topics topics or you can type one in freeform.

The drop down list is created and maintained by the System Administrator by clicking on Admin | Maintain Abbreviations | Note Default Topic in the Desktop Version.

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Adding A New Note Topic on a typical 10 Inch Tablet


You can use a topic from the drop down list by clicking on the down chevron or

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Select From List

you can type in a free form topic.  Using the drop down list allows you to standardize the topics.

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It is recommended that you standardize on the drop down lists so that your advisors and associates know which topic to use.