Modifying An Existing Link

Click on the Links Button on the View Contact Screen.  Or, you can click on the Links Accordion Bar on the View Contact Screen.  Then click on Details at the bottom of the list of Links and use the Icon_Edit Icon to change the Link.

Changing An Existing Link

First, click on the Button_Links Button on the View Contacts Screen. Then, click on the Icon_Edit next to the Link you wish to change.

Click to Expand or Collapse
List of Links To Modify

From the list of Links, click on the Icon_Edit Icon.

Click to Expand or Collapse
Modify Existing Link

Link To:

Type any part of an individual's name or an organization's name.  The system will automatically match on any part of the first or last name or a company name.


Change the Relationship by clicking on the field to drop down the list.  The list of relationships is maintained using the desktop version of Advisors Assistant.

Reciprocal Links Not Affected

Changing a relationship or Link To has no effect on any other contact which may have a reciprocal link.  That must be changed on that contact Record's link screen.

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When you change a link or relationship, reciprocal links are not changed.