Click on Calendar on the Top Menu and then choose My Calendar

My Calendar Overview

My Calendar takes the user to their own calendar and lists the events for the current day.

Click to Expand or Collapse
My Calendar Screen

Changing Months

Click on the name of the month on the daily calendar to get a list of months for that year.

Change Months On Calendar

Change Months On Calendar


Changing Years

To change to a new year, first click on the month at the top of the calendar, then on the Month List, shown above, click on the Year.

Click on the year you want

Click on the year you want

Today Button

Click the Today Button and the current day will go into focus.

Adding A New Event

Click on the Add Event Button or the Icon_Plusin the blue bar.

Filter Calendar Display

If you want to show only one type of event, click on the Appointments, Calls, or Tasks Buttons.

Completing An Event

To mark an event completed, click on the event in the list or use the Icon_VewList to list the event.  Then click on the Click to Complete Button associated with the Status Field.


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When entering an organization's name, if it is a joint account, enter the last name first, such as Smith, John and Jane.  This makes it much easier to locate by last name.