Add User Wizard

From the Admin Menu at the top of the screen, click on Maintain Users.  Then click on the Add Button

When you are adding a new user, the Add User Wizard will step you through the process and take you to each screen you need in the order needed.

Be sure to click on the help button on each screen for more information about why you are doing the various steps.

The Add User Wizard is only for new users.

Before Adding Users

Before adding users, you should have done the following:

Set up your Security Roles

Security roles allow you to predetermine what users can do inside of Advisors Assistant.  You can set up templates, called Roles, based on the function of the associate in your organization.

Add User's Name To Database

You need to add the users' names to Advisors Assistant before you can set them up as a user.

You may or may not want to add the user's email address.  Adding their email address will cause ANY email to them, even those emails that are not from names stored in Advisors Assistant to archive.  In some cases, emails will be archived twice when they are sent from a name stored in the database. (Once as an email from and once as an email to.)

Step 1 of the Add User Wizard will allow you to add the user's name to Advisors Assistant if it is not already there, but it is a quick method of adding and it does not provide access to all of the contact fields.

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We don't recommend adding user's email address because it can cause emails to be double archived in some cases.