Calendar Notification Log

Click on any event in the calendar.  From the Modify Screen, Click on the Notifications Button


Advisors Assistant will notify users of pending calendar events.  The advance time for the notice is set in the user's Calendar Setup Screen. Turning notifications on is done by the System Administrator in the System Preferences General Tab in the Notifications Section.

Log Coordination

The logging has to be turned ON by the System Administrator.  This is done in the System Preferences.  The individual user's preference for having the pop up notice should also be turned on in the user's calendar setup.

Log Objective & Operation

Sometimes users don't realize that they have been reminded of an event.  The notification is logged when the user closes a window that reminds them.  This includes the Prior Events Notice and the pop up notice.

This log is useful to Management.

See Also


It is recommended that Pop Up Alerts are set to persist on the screen and that event logging is turned ON.