From Step 3 of the Mailing List Wizard click the Load Button.

Mailing List Maps Overview

When you're importing lists into Advisors Assistant, if the list is in the same exact format as a list you previously imported you can load the field mapping from that earlier list.

When you click the Load Button from Step 3 of the Mailing List Import Wizard, the Mailing List Maps Screen will open. The top half of the screen will list any field maps that have been saved. The bottom half of the screen will list other lists that have been imported but their mapping was not saved. Advisors Assistant can load a field mapping whether the mapping was saved or not.

Highlight the list from which you wish to copy the field mapping, and click OK.

You will be taken back to the Map Fields Screen and the Target Locations and Target Fields will be filled in based on the map from the previous list. You should check through the fields before you import the list.

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