From the View Contact Screen, click on the Icon_Plus Icon next to the primary phone. You can also add a new phone number from the Phone List.


Use the Plus Icon from the Main Screen to add a new phone number.

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New Phone Screen on typical 7 inch tablet

Phone Type

Choose from the drop down list.  The phone type will default to the phone type chosen in User Preferences.


You can fill in a contact name if this number is a direct number.

Area Code

Fill in the Area Code.  This can be up to 5 digits, or left blank.  It is not recommended that this field is left as it could interfere with automatic phone dialing.

Phone Number

The part of the phone number after the area code.  You can format this with periods or dashes and most dialers will still work.


Phone extensions are not automatically dialed.  They are for information only and must be manually dialed after the connection is made.

Country Code

If the country code is other than your home country, it should be filled in to aid in dialing.


Use this field for additional information

Primary Phone

You can change the phone being added to the primary phone number by checking the Primary Phone Box.  Advisors Assistant Mobile will automatically uncheck the primary phone, if one exists, on any other phone number.

If this is the first phone number being added, Advisors Assistant Mobile will assume that it is the primary phone because every contact must have a primary phone if they have a phone number.

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