From the View Client Screen, click on the Icon_VewList Icon.  Then from the Phone List Screen, click on the Icon_EditIcon


Instructions for how each field on the Modify Phone Screen is used can be found HERE.

A Process Log is created when a user edits a phone from the mobile app, just like the desktop app. The report shows the initial phone number values, then new phone number values, a list of fields that were changed, who changed them, and when.

Changing The Primary Phone

Check the Primary Phone box to make this phone number primary.  When you save that phone  Advisors Assistant Mobile will uncheck the previously primary phone.

Changing Head of Household or Group Phone Numbers

If you are editing the phone number for a Head of Household or a Group Client's phone, you will be changing the phone for all members of the household.

When editing a phone on a Head of Household or Group Client's screen, and that phone is the one that is linked to all the members of that household/group, then the phone cannot be deleted, and you will see a message if you try and delete the phone.  You can, however, change the phone number. To delete the phone record, it must first be unlinked from all the members by modifying the household from the Household Tab on the desktop application.

When editing a phone on a household or group member that is linked to a household (via the Modify Household screen on the desktop app) then only certain fields on the phone may be changed (Contact, Extension, and Primary ). The other fields cannot be changed (Location, Phone Number, and Country Code) because they belong to the Head of Household or Group Sponsor and must be changed from the HOH's record in the desktop application.

Changing The Phone's Location

If the system preference "One Phone Per Name For Each Location" is checked, then the user is prevented from editing a phone's location to a location that is already on another phone for that contact.

Phone Number Changes Are Logged

Phone number changes made in Advisors Assistant Mobile are logged in the Process Logs and may be viewed by the System Administrator in the Main System.

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