Individual Contacts

Navigate to an existing contact by clicking on Recent, Search, or Contacts at the top of the screen, and tap or click on the pencil icon to edit that contact.


Contacts are entered either as Individuals or Organizations.  If the contact record represents more than one person, it should be entered as an Organization.

Spouse Contact Records

Families are entered as individuals with each family member in their own contact record.  Spouses have their own contact record.

Joint Tenant Contact Records

Some users want to enter a contact record for a Joint Tenancy Account so that the account points to its own contact record.  If you choose to do this use the Organization format so that you can easily find the record:  Smith, John and Mary.  This adheres to the rule that if the record represents more than one person, it is an Organization

Modifying a contact is easy.  Just navigate to an existing contact by searching for the contact or using the recent names list, and then click on the Pencil Icon

Click or tap to expand the screen
Contact Detail Screen on typical 10 inch tablet.  Icon used to edit is circled.
Click or tap on screen to expand
Edit icon circled on typical phone screen.

Adding New Individual Contacts

To add a new Individual from an Individual's View Screen, just click on the Icon_Plus Icon.  From an Organization's View Screen, click on the Icon_Plusand then click on the Change To Individual Button at the bottom of the screen.

Editing Existing Individual Contacts Icon_Edit

Click on the Icon_EditIcon to edit the Individual being viewed.

Deleting An Individual Icon_Delete

If you have the Security Rights, you can delete a contact record.  Click on the Icon_Delete.

Alerts Icon_Alert

To view a short note that you should know before contacting a person, click on the Alert Icon.  If there are no Alert Notes, the icon will not appear.

Next / Previous Name Icon_Arrows

Click on the Navigation Arrows to more backwards and forward alphabetically in the database.

Search By Name Icon_Search

To search your database by name, click on the Search Icon.

List Names Icon_List_Contacts

To List names by Alphabet, click on the List Icon.  Depending on how many names are in your database, the alphabet will be broken up into small alphabetical list with A to Z on the side of the screen.

Social Media Links Icon_Social_Media

You can establish links to the major social media sites by using the Individual Additional Details section.  For more information on social media links, click HERE.

360 Degree View

Clicking on the Expand All button provides a view of all of a contact's information.

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If you don't have the security rights to edit or delete contacts, you will not be able to edit.