Individual Additional Details

From the View Client Screen, click on the Additional Details Bar


Because smaller screens don't lend themselves to high numbers of fields, some of the fields, such as Additional Name Types, Employer Name, and Risk Tolerance are in their own expansion sections.

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Additional Detail Expanded on 10 Inch Tablet

Social Media Icons

Click on the icon for the social media site you want to access for this contact.  You fill in the ID for the contact by editing Additional Details.

When you fill in a social media address, the icon on the View Client Screen will turn from gray scale to a colored logo.

Editing Additional Details

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Edit Additional Details

Social Media Addresses

For Social Media links, do not use the entire address.  Only use the ID.  Examples of various ID's are shown below.

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Social Media Examples

Facebook ID

An example of only using the Facebook ID is:

Facebook Example


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Facebook Example

Linkedin ID

Linkedin uses slightly different ID's for individuals vs companies

Linkedin Individual Example


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Linkedin Individual Example

Linkedin Company Example


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Linkedin Company Example

Twitter ID

An example of a Twitter ID is shown below:

Twitter Example:


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Twitter Example

Google+ ID

Google+ ID's begin with the "+" symbol.

Google + Example

The following example is provided with the user's permission.


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Google+ Example

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When filling in a new contact, these sections will open automatically..