Viewing A Contact's Links

Click on the Links Button on the View Contact Screen.  Or, you can click on the Markets Accordion Bar on the View Contact Screen.

View Client With Links Overview

Advisors Assistant Mobile allows you to link names to each other so that you can track different relationships between names in your database. You can use links to track relationships such as:

Family members
Employees to their employers for groups and 401k's
Referrals and other sources for your new clients and prospects
Other service providers like accountants and attorneys

Once two names are linked, you can easily switch back and forth between the name records.


Click to Expand or Collapse
View Contacts With Links

You can expand the links by clicking on the Accordion Bar.  Then you can navigate to any linked name by clicking on the name on the list.

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Adding, Changing, and Deleting Links required that you have the security rights to perform these tasks.  Your Database Administrator provides these rights.