From the Sidebar Menu, click on the down arrow next to the Google Icon.  Choose the Archive Email option.


This tells Advisors Assistant the parameters you want to use to archive Gmail.

Typical Archive Instructions

Typical Archive Instructions

The screen above is a typical setup for archiving Gmail.  The initial settings come from the settings on the User Preferences Screen Email Archiving Tab.

When you click OK, Advisors Assistant will contact your Google mailbox and begin the archive process based on System and User Preferences.


Archive Incoming Email

This lets you make changes from what you have in the User Preferences.

Archive Outgoing Email

This lets you make changes from what you have in the User Preferences.

Search Gmail Labels

All Including Spam and Trash

This choice will look in the Spam and Trash areas of Gmail to see if any emails have an email match.  This will have the effect of grabbing emails that have been put into Spam by mistake.

All Excluding Spam and Trash

This choice will speed up processing, but if any emails that are in your Advisors Assistant database end up in Spam, it will not find them for you.

Date Range


This will only look at today's emails.  Use only if you have already used on of the other options and have already checked email today.

Since Yesterday

Good for the first email check on weekdays.

Withing the last X days

This lets you look back up to 999 days to check for emails that may not have been archived.  It is very useful if you have been on vacation or if you have added email addresses and there are unarchived emails for that address.

Within the last week

A nice safe look-back to pick up weekend emails.

Archive Attachments

This box will be disabled if your System Administrator has turned off attachment archiving at the system level.

Only Check Emails That Have NOT Been Checked Before

Using this setting will speed up the process.


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Before you can archive email, you must have a G Suite Account and have done the Google Setup outlined HERE.