Add Producer Wizard Page 1

This Wizard is only available with MultiProducer and Enterprise systems. Select Maintain Producers from the Admin Menu, then click the Add Button to add a new Producer.

Add Producers Overview

A MultiProducer or Enterprise system allows an administrator to grant access rights to users based on the Primary Producer listed in the contact's name record. So when a new Producer name is added to Advisors Assistant, you need to designate access to that Producer's contact names.

This Wizard walks you through the steps of adding a new producer for a MultiProducer or Enterprise system.

Step 1: Select Producer Name

The first step of the Wizard is to tell Advisors Assistant the producer's name.

1.Click on the Browse Button (BrowseButton) to open the Name Lookup Screen. Either highlight the producer's name from the list of names in the database, or click the Add Button to add the name to your database using the Quick Add feature.

2.Click OK once the name is highlighted.

3.Click Next to move to the next step.

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