Sharing A Client With Two Producers


This topic pertains to Multi-Producer and Enterprise Systems only.

At times, two producers will share the same client and both producers will want access to that client's name.  Here is a Scenario:

Tom and Jerry each have their own clients.  However, they share a handful of clients, among them is Mary.

Tom's assistant is named Jim.

Jerry's assistant is named Joan.

Tom and Jim need to have access to all of their clients and to Mary and the other shared clients.  Jerry and Joan need access to all of Jerry's clients plus Mary and the other shared clients.

Tom and Jerry cannot have access to each others unshared clients.

Setting Up the Access Rights and Primary Producer Field (System Admin Function)

1.Set up a name record as an organization called Tom And Jerry.  (Use whatever name or DBA they want you to use.)

2.Make this Tom and Jerry name a Producer.  Use the Add Producer Wizard to do this.

3.Fill in Mary's name record's Primary Producer field with this new "combined" producer.  Do the same for the other clients shared by Tom and Jerry.

4.Add the Tom and Jerry combined producer to the access rights of Tom, Jerry, Jim, and Joan by Assigning Access Rights.

The users must log out and log back in for the rights to take effect.

Note: Once a user is given access to a client, they have access to all the information of the client which their Security Role allows.  You cannot provide access to one of the client's accounts but not the other account.

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